From an early age, Juan Camilo Bernal has been immersed in the world of music. Raised by a magician father and a householder mother, his destiny was marked by creativity and passion. Always living at the center of shows, he soon discovered his love for mixes and beats.

"At the age of 16, destiny introduced him to DJ Moisés Guardia. A chance encounter, yet profoundly significant. DJ Moisés, with his wisdom and experience, guided Juank Bernal towards Bogotá's most iconic nightclubs. It was a turning point in his career."

"France became his second home for several years. There, not only did he refine his skills as an electronic engineer, but he also kept his passion for music alive."

"Upon his return to Colombia, the country's most exclusive weddings became his stage. His talent propelled him, and soon he earned recognition as one of the standout artists in the country. Winner of the Best Provider in the DJ category at the 2021 Zankyou Awards."

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"He spread his wings and took his music to distant cities. Every note, every beat, resonated with the energy of his story. He has numerous performances not only at a national but also international level. Among them are cities such as Brisbane (Australia), Toulouse (France), Barcelona (Spain), Chicago (USA), Miami (USA), among others."

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